Who We Are

Bonded Business Services is a premier billing and debt collection company headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Established in 1952, BBS proudly serves the Rocky Mountain region, while also having the ability to reach out to bill and collect in all 50 states. BBS specializes in providing full-service billing and consumer debt recovery programs, optimized for all parts of the revenue cycle including medical coding, insurance claims processing, deductible recovery, bad debt collection, skip-tracing, and legal support. BBS has a proven track record in achieving high recovery rates, working well with consumers on the clients’ behalf, and regularly going the extra-mile to provide top tier support to clients.

Billing Services

Bonded Business Services has a proven track record in helping businesses adapt to the ever changing landscape of financial management. With many years of experience in revenue cycle management and in-depth knowledge of the regulatory and technological environment, BBS is equipped to handle even the toughest of practices to work with. BBS provides effective billing solutions designed to maximize revenue and cash flow, while significantly reducing the amount of accounts that need to go to full collections. Some of the features of our billing program include…

  • Claim preparation & submission
  • Insurance claims follow-up
  • Denial & appeals oversight
  • EOB & payment posting
  • Online client portal
  • EMR software & support
  • Clearinghouse software & support
  • Revenue cycle consultations
  • A/R cleanup projects
  • Credentialing

Self-Pay Services

BBS provides an elegant and efficient system to collect the patient portion due on billing accounts. In addition to notices we send, frequent conciliatory telephone communication with clients is utilized to create payment arrangements, and our systems and processes ensure that the payment plans are honored and carried out until the balance is paid in full. The self-pay services are a strong last line of defense, and they have the desirable effect of sharply reducing the amount of accounts and need to go to full collections.

Collection Services

With over 60 years of experience in collections and a staff with more than 150 combined years of collection expertise, BBS possesses a highly skilled collection department ready to handle tough accounts that require more work to be recovered. BBS’s collectors work hand-in-hand respectfully with the debtors to work out solutions to getting the debts paid off in full as soon as possible. BBS reports to the major credit bureaus and utilizes robust skip-tracing techniques to locate consumers that might have relocated, while also finding assets that can be effectively sued on. With a in-house legal team, BBS has the ability to garnish wages and bank accounts and also to file liens on real property as further means of collecting. Furthermore, BBS maintains strict compliance and certifications with the following:

  • ACA International
  • FCRA
  • UCCC
  • Nebraska specific state laws

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